Based on the electricity generation licence issued in 2021 for our location, a nuclear power plant with a pressurised water reactor, similar to the existing NEK, is envisaged. The reason for the use of pressurised water technology is the knowledge that the NEK and scientific institutions have accumulated over the last 40 years, both in terms of operation and administrative control.

The project involves a third-generation reactor that meets the strictest safety requirements. Statistics from around the world indicate that this is the most widely used type of reactor, with the best overall safety record. It is also the most accessible reactor on the market in terms of commercial deliverability. It involves proven technologies with reference implementations.

The main advantages of pressurised water reactors are as follows:

High level of reliability and availability, as they operate at full power 92% of all hours in a given year

80% of all new nuclear power plants are pressurised water reactors (PWR)

Tested and commercially available technology

High robustness and passive safety of third-generation reactor system

Compliance with the highest global construction standards